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The WALSH | SHEA | HNTB | COMSTOCK | ARUP Team combines the unmatched expertise of innovative rail transit designers with proven rail transit constructors.

Our team members have collective experience working for many of the top rail/transit agencies throughout the nation, as shown below:


DART Light Rail Transit System (Dallas, TX)

DARTLightRail Walsh recently completed this $957M light rail program. The projects, which include a massive rail operations facility, stretch more than 25 miles through urban neighborhoods adjacent to Love Field International Airport and along an active railway corridor. Prior to commencing construction, Walsh provided more than 12 months of pre-construction services. Working closely with DART and the designers, Walsh identified design opportunities that improved construction efficiency and schedule, resulting in cost savings to DART of more than $69M. Comstock provided full systems installation and integration.

CONRAC Automated People Mover System Design-Build (Atlanta, GA)

CONRACAutomatedPeopleMoverWalsh built this $210M project for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport that consists of the design, engineering, construction, quality control services, systems integration, testing, and commissioning necessary to provide an operational automated guideway transit (AGT) system that will run on an elevated guideway. The project also includes maintenance and storage facility and two passenger stations. Walsh provided coordination and management of all designers and construction of a 1.5-mile double guideway bridge consisting of precast box girders, steel box girders, and cast-in-place concrete.

MARTA North Line Expansion (Atlanta, GA)

MARTANorthLineWalsh has performed more than $165M in projects to help MARTA expand and construct many areas of the North Line, including new tracks, parking facilities, and new stations. The North Line from Sandy Springs to North Springs included 9,800 LF of cut and cover transit tunnel and the initial work on a three-story underground transit station, as well as the relocation and restoration of utilities and roads necessitated by tunnel construction, minimizing disruption to travel.


Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (St. Paul, MN)

CentralCorridorLightRailThis $206M Central Corridor Light Rail Transit Project will link downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis. Walsh’s scope of services included the relocation of underground utilities; bridge and retaining wall structures; light rail stations; and above- and below-grade traffic signal facilities.



Denton County Transit Authority A-Train (Denton, TX)

Denton CountyTAWalsh’s JV team was selected as construction manager/general contractor for this $193M 21-mile project that passes through six cities. During preconstruction, the Walsh JV provided the owner $30M in value engineering ideas. The project includes demolition of existing facilities; significant electrical elements, system safety, and start-up; construction of commuter rail stations; heavy civil construction elements such as earthwork, roadbed, and trackwork construction; utility tie-ins; five platforms; and three park and ride facilities.

Valley Metro Light Rail (Phoenix, AZ)

ValleyMetroLightRail Walsh constructed the $131M, 4.29-mile segment of the future METRO light rail system, which required constant maintenance of traffic control methods on more than 9 miles of busy downtown streets. Walsh was required to maintain rights-of-way and business access throughout the duration of construction activities. Walsh maintained and updated traffic control plans and emergency service travel routes on a weekly basis.


Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

ChicagoTransitAuthority From construction of the Cumberland Avenue elevated station and transit line extension to O’Hare International Airport in 1984 to the $116M expansion of the Red, Green, and Blue lines in 2010, Walsh has executed more than $295M in contracts for the CTA. A highlight of this experience includes the CTA Skokie Shops Addition to CTA Maintenance Facilities, which included demolition, excavation, site clearing, additional utilities, and rail track improvements and additions.

CATS Light Rail Roadwork and Bridges (Charlotte, NC)

CATSLightRail Walsh built this $106M project which includes the construction of eight new bridges and modifications to four existing bridges; construction of 9.5 miles of new double track, 19 at-grade crossings, and substructures for 12 stations; and improvements to 16 secondary roads.



Metro Transportation Authority No 7 Line Extension (New York, NY)

MTA-No7J.F. Shea is currently constructing twin-bore shielded TBM tunnels 24-ft diameter by 13,000 LF, Station Cavern drill and blast with CIP lining, access shafts, connection to PATH at Times Square, and cross-passages in Midtown Manhattan. On this $1.1B effort, Shea provided project management, administrative and supervision of shaft, tunnel and cavern excavation and support, and tunnel and cross-passage lining, and drilling and grouting.


Arrowhead Tunnels Project (Los Angeles, CA)

ArrowheadTunnelsProjectCompleted in 2009, J.F. Shea constructed this $388M two TBM-bored rock tunnels 19-ft diameter over 40,000 LF with segmental liner at up to 16-bar hydrostatic pressure, pre-excavation drilling and grouting under high pressure, RCCP final lining with backfill grout, connection pipelines.



Expo Light Rail II – Maintenance Facility (Los Angeles, CA)

ExpoLightRail-IIHNTB is providing engineering services for the installation of a new traction power substation and a complete OCS for Metro’s new 45-car yard and maintenance facility. HNTB is supporting the feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, and reports as they affect the traction power systems portion of the project. HNTB will also coordinate conduit runs, pole locations, maintenance facility OCS in relation to track and building structures, and other utilities systems.

Atlantic Avenue Viaduct Design-Build (Brooklyn, NY)

AtlanticAvenueViaductThis $128M project calls for the replacement of 86 spans of a dual-track commuter rail line for the Long Island Railroad, with a total construction value of $65M. HNTB designed the superstructure replacement and columns of the bridge with additional work for seismic evaluation of the new configuration.



Chinatown Aerial Guideway Design-Build (Los Angeles, CA)

ChinatownAerialGuideway HNTB was the lead designer on this $21M section of the Pasadena Gold Line that extended light rail service from downtown Los Angeles to Pasadena. HNTB coordinated with similar stakeholders during the project, including the City of Los Angeles, Metro, community groups, and major utility companies.



Honolulu Guideway Phase I Design-Build (Honolulu, HI)

HonoluluGuidewayPhaseHNTB is the lead designer for this $483M, 20-mile LRT portion of the Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project that will be operated on an elevated guideway. Design innovation associated with geotechnical evaluations allowed reduced risk and costs on more than $1B in work for this program.



Sound Transit University Link (Seattle, WA)

SoundTransitUniversityLinkThe $1.45B U Link project is a representative example of HNTB’s ability to successfully design complex structures in a seismically active, urban environment. HNTB, as part of a JV, was selected to design the 3.15-mile long underground extension of the rail system. HNTB was responsible for the structural, mechanical, rail systems, utility designs, and leading design integration. It will comprise bored and cut-and-cover tunnels, as well as mined and cut-and-cover stations.

Bart Extension to SFO Design-Build (San Francisco, CA)

BartExtensiontoSFOHNTB served as lead designer for this $609M rapid transit extension that provides rail service from the existing end-of-line BART station at Colma to several new passenger stations. The design-build team designed, furnished, and installed cut-and-cover subway, aerial section, new passenger stations, ventilation structures and ancillary buildings, and new trackwork, train control, communications, traction power, fire protection, as well as the tunnel ventilation systems.


Hiawatha Light Rail Transit (HLRT) Project (Minneapolis, MN)

HiawathaLightRailTransitThe HLRT was a 12-mile, design-build, light rail system linking downtown Minneapolis to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and the Mall of America. The 12-mile double track light rail transit system was built over a varied right-of-way consisting of city streets, abandoned railroad right-of-way, aerial structures, a twin tunnel under the airport, and a parking garage at the mall. Comstock was responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of the traction power, train signaling, communications, and the central control facility. 

Metrolink Cross County Extension (St. Louis, MO)

MetrolinkCrossCountyExtensionThe $676M Cross County extension added 8 miles to St. Louis’ 34.4-mile light rail system. The extension included redesign of a major station, and the addition of nine new stations as well as tunnels, bridges, retaining walls, grading, and drainage along the line. Comstock was the prime contractor responsible for furnishing and installing the train signaling, communications, central control facility upgrade, traction power, OCS, and trackwork. The work included an extensive reconstruction of the Forest Park-DeBaliviere station and a 28-step reconfiguration of the signal/traction electrification/track systems to maintain revenue service during construction and cutover of the extension.

Dulles Automated People Mover (APM) System (Sterling, VA)

DullesAutomatedPeopleMoverComstock was responsible for designing, furnishing, and installation of the $1.3B Aero Train project at the Washington Dulles International Airport. The mover is a design-build APM system that transports passengers between the Main Terminal and the Midfield Concourses. The initial segment included 2.5 miles of guideway, four stations with center-side-center platforms, a train yard, and a maintenance facility to house 29 vehicles. Comstock also installed high voltage power, traction power, automatic train control, SCADA, security, communications systems, station platform edge doors, running surface, guidance and power rail, emergency walkway, switch machines, departure test track, and fitting-out the two central control facilities.

 Transbay Transit Center (San Francisco, CA)

TransbayTransitCenterARUP’s state-of-the art design provides for a vibrant new mix of residential and commercial in downtown San Francisco. The center spans four city blocks and provides intercity, regional, and commuter bus services for four major transit providers. Underground, the new transit center will have three 1,300-foot long train platforms, providing four terminal tracks for the new High-Speed Rail service from Southern California and two tracks for the Caltrans commuter rail service.

Second Avenue Subway (New York, NY)

SecondAvenueSubwayARUP, in a JV, was retained by New York City Transit to provide conceptual and preliminary multidisciplinary engineering services for the new, multi-billion dollar 8-mile subway line along Second Avenue, and final design for a 4-mile segment on the Upper East Side. The new line will include 16 new underground stations. Due to the varying geology of Manhattan, the subway will pass through both rock and soft ground and multiple rock/soil interfaces along its alignment.